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Camera Operator

“When I’m camera operating, I am able to sense a close intimacy with the story or subject that not many people get to feel. To be in the middle of the action, to be in the middle of the emotion, to know that your every move will affect how the audience interprets the scene, is an art, an intuition, and an honored responsibility.” -Ryan Campbell

Ryan Campbell has been camera operating for over 15 years in an extremely broad spectrum of content, cameras, and equipment. From shoulder mounted to car mounted, from wheels to joysticks, he can do it. His career history, has been mainly rooted over the past 9 years as an IATSE Local 600 DIT/Phantom Technician for Vision Research’s high-speed cameras and as a specialist in the camera department. Chances are, if you’ve viewed commercials or promos on TV, Hulu, or just ads in national store displays, you’ve seen projects he has worked on. 

Growing up, Ryan had the opportunity to live in very diverse weather, culture, and landscape. Originally born in Connecticut, then New Orleans with the busy sights and sounds, to a small farming town in Illinois with the rustic beauty found on farms and in nature. He then moved to Florida where his love for the ocean launched him into surfing and making surf videos at a young age. This passion led him to northern California where he rode the Santa Cruz waves and captured the rugged views and majestic sites of the surrounding coast and mountains. It is due to these life experiences and Ryan’s ability to absorb the moment, that he is able to envision and imagine the project and will find a way to capture the scene.

 “I enjoy spreading knowledge and helping others. Even if I’m not positioned on your job, please feel free to contact me, at no charge, for a short consultation on your project. I can help point you to the right equipment, workflow, or solution. If for some reason it is beyond my knowledge or experience, I have several personal top industry contacts to answer any questions.” -Ryan Campbell

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